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If you ain't makin' dust, yer eatin' it.


Strength of a Bull,
Wisdom of a Beard.

“Bull & Beard doesn't just match brands with agencies; they create 'ride or die' relationships."

Bull & Beard connects marketers and the c-suite with specialized advertising agencies, boutique consultants and diamond-in-the-rough resources. We steward searches for talented teams, finding a fit with our stable of vetted and vouched-for vendors. We develop deep relationships with agencies through reviews, spotlights, assessments and growth coaching. Let's ride!



When it comes to the counsel you need, it's like the wild, wild west out there. It's about time you had a ride or die partner you trust. Someone with years in the rodeo leading, growing and connecting marketers, advertisers and brands with the talent, teams and tools to win. With decades spent in the dirt, we're strapped in and ready to ride.


As a wise cowboy once advised, “don’t tolerate weak coffee.” Bull & Beard brings a deep understanding of advertising, marketing and technology with a knack for distilling it down for brands and agencies. We help clients excel at the business of advertising, whether it's positioning, pricing, planning or process.


We're not just search consultants or sales guys, we're relationship-driven connectors. We find a fit, reduce your risk and make you look good in the process. Our sure-footed counsel removes the typical brinkmanship and barriers. With a stable of vetted vendors, freelancers and agency partners, you can safely make Bull & Beard your first call, every time.


We are entrepreneurs, ad men and technologists who found our home on the range, relishing each and every opportunity to educate, inform and inspire. Whether it's giving a talk, writing an article or leading a workshop, our goal is simple: drive your business forward (and remember, going faster when you're lost won't help a bit).


Smile when you call me that

  • I am so fortunate to have connected with Bull & Beard. They are creative, forward-thinking and just "get it". Not only are they skilled at matching clients and agencies, but they also bring strategic vision that helps your brand come to life. In addition to being trusted experts, their enthusiasm and wit makes the process truly enjoyable. My organization has already benefited immensely from the wisdom that comes with Bull & Beard and I will continue to seek their guidance on future projects!

    — Lauren Roach,  Marketing Director,  Wyche, P.A
  • Bull & Beard has earned their place as our strategic partner. We first used them for execution and quickly grew in appreciation for their counsel and strategy work. They deliver what they promise, often more than what they promise, and with good humor every step along the way. Having worked with tech agencies small and large, established and start-up, we’ve had a range of experiences. Bull & Beard is the real deal: winning strategy, quality execution for a fair price coupled with honesty and transparency. There’s a reason why Bull & Beard is on my speed dial.

    — Emily Kirkpatrick,  Vice President,  National Center for Families Learning
  • Robby and the team at Bull & Beard did an incredible job redesigning our corporate website! They were fast, honest, and very responsive during the entire process which made working with them a breeze. It's easy to see that Robby and his Co-Founder Jason care a lot about their customers and they definitely went the extra mile when helping us.

    — Adam Keune,  Co-Founder,  Higher Learning Technologies
  • I recently worked with Bull & Beard in a matchmaking capacity. Indeed, they found a fit... in terms of personalities, geography, and experience as much as scope and budget. They didn't stop at making an introduction. They worked tirelessly, providing strategic counsel and working with each party to help us negotiate the scope and contract. More importantly, they focused on ensuring the expectations and desires of all sides were known, clear and met. I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical about how much value Bull & Beard would provide but after this process I am completely sold. My advice to any agency or brand looking for a team or talent: don't take a chance. The more you're investing, the more you need a matchmaker and broker; someone who can find a fit, reduce everyone's risk and create win-win situations.

    — Bryan Delaney,  Co-Founder & VP,  Skookum
  • Just looked at the work from your team and have to say we are super-stoked, very impressed and very happy about it. Everything looks fantastic! Usually there's a learning curve working with a new team but you guys nailed it right out of the gate. We were really, really thrilled with what we saw and just wanted to thank you guys for that. This project is going to turn out great!

    — Neil Marritt,  Co-Founder & VP,  Emisare
  • Bull & Beard are agency partners you put on speed dial. They're strategic counsel and matchmaking services have empowered our plans and pitches at M Creative. I highly recommend their services to agencies large and small, especially those looking to elevate their digital offering.

    — Mary Jamis,  President,  M Creative
  • Bull & Beard brings together several key ingredients for a great web partnership: competency, affordability, speed and always over delivering. What sets them apart from any other web partner I’ve worked with is their personal touch. They value having a true relationship and you are never passed off – Jason and Robby walk the project with you through to successful completion.

    — Emily Everhart,  Account Executive,  Brains On Fire
  • Bull & Beard has been a valuable partner. Sometimes the digital development needs of a brand or agency client are outside my scope of experience. They have helped interpret those requirements and find developers who are the right fit for the projects and budgets.

    — Ian Joyce,  Principal,  August Communication Consultants

The Trailblazer Program

“Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.”

Wanted: Agency Review

  • Deep-dive Review of Agency for Matchmaking Consideration
  • One Hour Video Conference or Phone Call
  • Review and Discuss Agency Positioning, Offering, Process, Work and New Biz
  • Your Ticket to the Rodeo

Wanted: Agency Spotlight

  • Feature Your Agency in Charging the Agency Frontier
  • One Hour Video Interview
    (via Zoom or Skype)
  • Showcase and Discuss Agency Background, Positioning, Offering & Specializations
  • Distributed to Entrepreneurs, Marketers and the C-Suite

Wanted: Agency Assessment

  • Review of Marketing, Sales/Biz Dev, Operations, Finance/ Accounting, HR
    (via surveys, interviews and audits)
  • Agency SWOT Analysis
  • Biz Dev Needs Assessment
  • Strategic Recommendations for Growth

Wanted: Growth Wrangler

  • Growth Coaching
  • Holistic Growth Program Anchored to Agency Goals & Objectives
  • On-Demand Support: Sales, Marketing and Business Development
  • Private Phone or Video Coaching Calls

Wanted: Agency Stable

  • Private Peer Group of Growth-Minded Agency Principals
  • Insider Content, Resources, and Access
  • Exclusive Media & PR Opportunities
  • Priority Consideration for Matches

Wanted: Matchmaking

  • Specialized Agencies, Boutique Consultants, & Diamond-in-the-Rough Resources
  • Vetted and Vouched-For Relationships
  • Reduced Risk
  • Streamlined Search
  • Seller Commission Model or Buyer's Agent


Scars are Cowboy Tattoos with Better Stories

We’ve spent many memorable years working dusk till dawn in advertising, marketing and technology, spanning nearly every category. Whether it's strategy, creative services, app development or digital marketing, our breadth and depth of experience says we may have walked a few miles in your boots. Take a look at where we’ve been. Join us on the trail ahead.

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Agency Insights

Wisdom of  a Beard

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Charging the Agency Frontier w/ Peter Levitan

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Charging the Agency Frontier w/ David Baldwin

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Charging the Agency Frontier w/ David Baldwin

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Let's Ride

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